The White RIng

the white ringRelease date: 05.06.2012

Label: This Charming (Cargo Records)

Available on coloured vinyl here.

This split is the result of a longer friendship between Aqua Nebua Oscillator and Kadavar. Recorded in Kadavars studio in Berlin, you’ll find one long jam songs on the 2nd and 4th side of the LP – played with two drumsets and 3 guitars – a brainfuck like the late 70s Pink Floyd Jams!


LP 1 (Kadavar):
1. Broken Wings         
2. Flying Mountain (Ano Cover)         
3. The Man I Shot         
4. From The Flying Dutchman

LP 2 (Aqua Nebula Oscillator):
1. Purple Sage (Kadavar Cover)         
2. Jungle man         
3. The Lovers And The Moon         
4. ...To The White Ring